Why a Collaborative Divorce?

Why is a collaborative divorce better than a traditional divorce?

1 – A collaborative divorce is confidential.  In the collaborative process, both the personal financial information and the private family problems (addictions, domestic violence, affairs, and mental health issues) can generally be protected from public scrutiny.  The same is just not true in the traditional setting, where the law usually requires that the financial information be published in the court file, and the litigation context ensures that the private family disputes be published in order for one party to obtain an advantage over the other.

2 – A collaborative divorce is less expensive.  How much does a traditional, courtroom divorce cost?  There’s no easy answer to that question.  Going all the way to trial can cost $100,000!  The short answer is that it can cost as much as you want, but it cannot cost as little as you want, because it’s not solely in one party’s control.  There are always two parties involved, as well as the judge!

And what about a collaborative divorce?  Well, it has to be less, just by its very nature.  There’s none of that Perry Mason stuff!  No discovery; no motions; no battle of the experts; no trial….

3 – A collaborative divorce is less stressful.  Any divorce is difficult.  But collaborative divorce is the kinder, gentler divorce.

4 – A collaborative divorce belongs to the parties, not to the judge.  Scheduling is easier.  The results are personally tailored.  The parties can do what judges cannot.  In Florida, for example, the parties can agree to pay for their kids’ college; a judge could not order that.

For all of these reasons, many people in the know are now asking their lawyers if they’ve been trained in the collaborative process.  And, if they have not, those people are looking for a divorce attorney who HAS.  For more about the collaborative process, click HERE.

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