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Give Yourself Options

David Dunkel and his ex-wife, Maureen Daly, were in court fighting over how much stock Mr. Dunkel must transfer to his ex-wife. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, there were three possible outcomes to this courtroom drama.

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You Can Never Go Home Again… Can You?

When my daughter left for college, I was relieved. Her last two years in high school had been excruciating. She tended to take the opposing position to anything I said, in painful contrast to the child she had been, when, among other lovely habits.

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Collaborative Life Planning

In the midst of pandemic lockdown, it feels as if the world is ending, and yet, the most stressful part of my life is scrolling through my Instagram feed. It seems as if a new celebrity break-up is announced every day. These are people I care about!

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Unbundled Matters

Unbundled Legal Matters in Tampa

When a lawyer provides unbundled legal services, the client hires her to perform a specific task or to represent her for only a limited purpose or issue of the matter instead of the entire legal matter. The attorney breaks down the tasks associated with a client’s legal matter and provides representation only pertaining to a clearly defined portion of the client’s legal needs. The client accepts responsibility for doing the footwork for the remainder of the legal matter until reaching the desired resolution. Unbundled representation offers clients a less costly alternative to full legal representation. These services bring legal representation to a wider spectrum of the population by making it more affordable. Unbundled services include legal research, ghostwriting of pleadings and correspondences, legal coaching, or representation in court on a limited issue.

Unbundled Legal Services

Open Palm Law offers many different unbundled services. Contact us today to see if our unbundled services are right for you.

FAQs for Unbundled Matters

Yes. Open Palm Law offers unbundled services, meaning that the client hires us for a specific limited purpose and handles other matters himself. This is a great way to limit your legal fees while still having the representation you need.

Yes. If during our limited representation you determine that you would be more comfortable with full representation, we can sign an updated retainer agreement for full representation of your matter.

Yes. We would sign a new retainer agreement limiting your representation.