Tips to Protect Your Real Estate in a Relationship Breakup

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Divorce is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. Indeed, dissolving any relationship can cause the parties involved an enormous strain, both emotionally and financially. What many don’t realize is that professional and commercial investment partnerships can also be affected by divorce. There is a tendency during the dissolution of a relationship to sleight the opposite party or to try to best them in some way. This is an emotional response to the break-up of a partnership and it often leads to years of litigation, posing an extraordinary risk to the security of each party’s investments. Real estate represents a major factor that may be at risk in a divorce. It is a complicated issue due to real estate usually holding a high value on paper, but, being a tangible asset, being difficult to liquidate. Equitable Distribution may not make it entirely equal for each party. These issues can be resolved without the huge cost of litigation by exploring an exciting new approach: collaborative divorce.

Eric Odum and Steven Silverman just posted our podcast on the Invest Florida Show. Although the show is named “Learn How to Manage Your Real Estate Risk in Divorce,” we really covered the waterfront in the use of the collaborative process instead of litigation to resolve all kinds of disputes, and especially those involving the dissolution of business relationships. Who knew a podcast could be so much fun? What did we miss? Let me know what you think!

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