traditional divorce

The Worst Way to End a Marriage

Did my headline catch your eye? “The Worst Way to End a Marriage” I lecture often about the horrors of traditional courtroom divorce and compare its negative effects to the positive aspects of cooperative and collaborative divorce. I always tell the story of how my parents were divorced when I was seven years old. “My mother …

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Ending a Marriage in the Strangest Way Possible

Our clients do the oddest things while they struggle in the grip of the emotional tempest created by divorce. When they choose the traditional divorce option, going to court, there is no professional involved in the process to help address this intense stress, and the sometimes consequent inability to make decisions rationally. Last week, I …

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Mediation Massacre

Traditional divorce processes are destroying the fabric of American society. Yet another tragic news story that didn’t need to happen: On December 4, 2013, a doctor attending mediation in Manchester, Tenn., was gunned down by his estranged wife in front of his lawyer’s office.  Dr. Harry Bartee, 47, was shot multiple times by Brenda Bartee on the …

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