financial stress

A Second Chance

A Second Chance I used to see it often in my friends who were young and not yet married. They would date and break up with the same person repeatedly. As their friend, it was exhausting riding their roller coaster of emotions. But now that I am older, my friends are rarely just dating. Usually …

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Divorce Registry

Appropriate Gift For A Recently Divorced Friend Someone asked me to advise her of a good Christmas gift for her recently divorced friend. Because I spend all of my work time helping folks who are dissolving their marriages, I get this question up-close-and-personal. It’s a great question. And there is a library full of good …

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Madi’s Mentors

Madi’s Mentors My mother, a real estate agent trying to stay afloat after the housing bubble crashed in 2008, had no income, a malfunctioning Ford Explorer, and an eight-month-old baby at home when my dad left her. At the same time, my father emptied our bank account without telling her, so our phone kept ringing, …

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