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Words Matter

    “Words matter. They’re contagious. And hopeful words infect people.” -Angela Maiers   My girlfriend asks me what brand of eyeliner I use. I can’t remember that kind of stuff so I tell her it’s purple and I think it’s oil-based because you smear it with a brush after you stroke it on. She asks …

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Brainstorming settlement ideas is a crucial component of the collaborative process.   Collaborative practice provides an open environment that encourages everyone on the team to participate. The participants should feel as though their thoughts are being heard and their interests validated. Collaborative professionals will encourage active listening in a casual environment. The brainstorming step follows …

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Collaborative Roadmap Or Settlement Offer?

Collaborative Roadmap or Settlement Offer? The leader of a collaborative practice group wrote to me the other day, complaining that her membership suffered from a pervasive and insidious problem. She asked for my advice. When she elaborated, she explained that the lawyers in her group have difficulty making “the paradigm shift”: These guys approach the …

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The Dunkel Divorce

Appeal, appeal, and appeal again! That’s what David Dunkel and Maureen Daly are Doing.   Since July 2012, David Dunkel and his now ex-wife, Maureen Daly, have been in court battling over the details of their divorce. One of their majorly-contested issues involves whether Mr. Dunkel should be ordered to transfer stocks in K-Force to …

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How to Handle the Impact of Grief and Stress During Divorce

Stress during divorce is inevitable. Divorce is one of the most stressful and emotional experiences that a person will ever endure. Psychologists advise people to refrain from important decision making when experiencing periods of high grief and stress, yet the divorce process forces people to make life-changing choices as quickly as possible, even when they’re …

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Domestic Violence Victims and The Collaborative Divorce Process

Many collaborative lawyers have informed me that they would never consider attempting the collaborative process if they are aware that there have been domestic violence incidents between the two spouses in question. That attitude strikes me as being close-minded. I can argue that most relationships punctuated by any domestic violence at all can be dissolved …

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