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The Five Stages of Grief

The Five Stages of Grief   According to the Kubler-Ross Model, there are five stages of grief. This model was first applied to grief from …

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A Good Mediator’s Qualities

A Good Mediator’s Qualities   The best mediators will get to the heart of the issues early and will be present until a negotiation is …

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The Good Mediator

The Good Mediator   A good mediator does some of the most important work there is. Rather than escalate a dispute towards litigation, her goal …

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Time Heals

Find An Alternative Way To Divorce   I’ve said it so many times . . . there is magic in the collaborative process. Unlike during …

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Ten Bedtime Habits for Success

Are You Spending Quality Time Together?   Are there things you can say to or do with your partner before bed that will bring you …

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Ten Morning Routines to Ensure Marital Bliss

A Quality Morning   Most people don’t think of their morning routines as valuable time to bond with their significant others. Why not? Feel like …

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