Homemaker Salary? Part One

I answered my cell the other day while driving home. The prospective client was noticeably upset, complaining that her fiancé.

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Eight Cats

A middle-aged couple was having a tough time during last year’s lockdown. Although the husband was raking in the cash in his medical practice.

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Blind Fold

I’m spending a few days in Arizona with my BFF from high school. We found ourselves exploring her allergy to pepper.

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Keeping The Marital Home

What are some of the most common questions about the marital home that I get from my client getting divorced?

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The Importance of Empathy

In the midst of the world shutting down so that we, as a society, “flatten the curve” of the spread of the Coronavirus, rather than become depressed and lethargic, I got busy.

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Jeweler working in workshop

Small World Palms Everywhere

I visited a jeweler the other day at a little shop just around the corner from Yoko’s, the sushi restaurant that my husband and I had frequented.

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Business meeting and brainstorming in modern office

Collaborative Option Building

Brainstorming (or option building) ideas is a crucial component of the collaborative process. Collaborative practice provides an open environment that encourages everyone on the team to participate.

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Loving mommy. Loving blonde-haired mommy touching head of daughter while having family lunch

Eating Out

I think of my relationship with restaurant meals as a life cycle story. When my daughter was itty bitty, whenever we could afford to eat out, it was a big deal.

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Portrait of unhappy young couple who have fallen out over a disagreement sitting on a sofa. Woman in the front and the man in the background.

I Don’t Know What I Want

If you are anything like me, you’ve read all of the “bring the spark back to your relationship” books. You might have sent a ranting nine paragraph email to the Viall Files podcast.

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