The Company We Keep

My husband wants to retire… to a desert island. He figures it’ll be great; we’ve already gotten used to being stuck at home.

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Is your spouse ready to divorce you because you habitually hit the snooze button three times before you can get out of bed in the morning?

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You Make Me Sick

Does your ex make you “sick”! That may well be, but making your feelings clear to the child you share could make that child physically or even mentally ill, years and years later, into his adulthood.

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It’s All Perspective

I recently represented a man who had two beautiful kids… and five fertilized eggs. The issue? His wife wanted the ova destroyed; the couple was getting divorced, after all.

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Marrying Your Childhood Sweetheart

A friend of mine lost his wife recently. They had started dating while still in high school and had married when just 20 years old. She was 64 when she passed on.

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Staying in a Bad Marriage

People who have stayed in a bad marriage “for their children’s sake” are starting to ask “Why?” They have good years ahead and don’t need to spend them with someone they don’t love anymore.

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The Power Of Language

You may notice that Open Palm Law’s website has the word “collaborative” plastered all over it. We each have an idea of what the word implies when we see or hear it.

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Buying Someone Else’s Marital Home 2

In Part One of this two-part blog series, we discussed the most common questions we get from someone who wants to buy a house from someone getting divorced.

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Buying Someone Else’s Marital Home 1

What are the questions I get from the client who doesn’t want a divorce, but wants, instead, to buy a house from someone getting divorced?

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