Joryn Jenkins Resume



JORYN JENKINS, P.A., d/b/a Open Palm Law
Attorney (1994 – present) 
Appellate, bankruptcy, commercial, domestic relations, malpractice litigation 

Tampa, FL 

Professor (1992 – 1994) 
Trial Advocacy; Appellate Advocacy (& Moot Court Board); Creditors’ Rights 
and Debtors’ Protections (& Bankruptcy Judicial Internships); Creative Writing & 

St. Petersburg, FL 

Attorney (1991 – 1992) 
Appellate, bankruptcy, and commercial litigation

Tampa, FL 

Attorney (1986 – 1991) 
Appellate, bankruptcy, and commercial litigation 

Tampa, FL 

Assistant State Attorney (1983 – 1986) 
Criminal prosecution; Chief, URESA Division; appeals; special assistant US 

Tampa, FL 

Legal Consultant (1982 – 1983) 
Equal employment opportunity litigation and related matters

San Jose, CA

PEPPER, HAMILTON & SCHEETZ                                               
Associate Attorney (1980 – 1982) 

Washington, DC


JD, 1980 

Washington, DC

BA, English Literature and Language, 1976 

New Haven, CT


S.T. v. School Board of Seminole County, 783 So.2d 1231 (Fla. 5th DCA 2001) (Case No. 5D002569).  Represented parent of public school student who sought review of dismissal of her 
petition for writ of prohibition.  In a case of first impression, the Fifth DCA held that an administrative law judge in an Exceptional Student Education due process hearing lacked authority 
to order discovery, reversing the trial court. 
Wiley v. Roof, 641 So.2d 66 (Fla. 1994).  Appealed holding that subsequent legislation can resuscitate an extinguished cause of action, without violating a defendant’s due process guaranties.
The Florida Supreme Court reversed, deciding the issue, unique in the United States, that the defendant’s right to the time bar defense is a constitutionally protected property right which 
vests when the limitations period then applicable to the cause of action in question runs. 
The Tribune Co. v. DML and Anclote Manor Hospital, 566 So.2d 1333 (Fla. 2d DCA 1990). Appeal won for hospital opposing access of news reporter to involuntary placement hearing of 
mentally ill patient, challenging confidentiality of medical records guaranteed by Florida Statute § 394.459(9), another issue of first impression in Florida. 
Hill v. Winn Dixie, 699 F.Supp. 876 (M.D.Fla. 1988); 721 F.Supp. 1226 (M.D.Fla. 1989); 1989 WL 151723 (M.D.Fla.); 1990 WL 126471 (M.D.Fla.).  Established plaintiff’s right to trial by 
jury in a juror protection case, a case of first impression in the United States.  Won substantive case both before jury and on appeal of trial court’s judgment notwithstanding the verdict, in 
Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. 
In re Guardianship of Barry, 445 So.2d 365 (Fla. 2d DCA 1984).  Represented state on appeal of termination of life support of minor child, making new law nation-wide regarding ability of 
parents to substitute judgment for child in determining whether to terminate child’s life support.


Robert Fry, et al. v. Hoechst Celanese Chemical Group, Inc., et al., Marion County Circuit Court Case No. 95-2225-CA-B. Rendered expert opinion regarding conflict of interest of attorneys representing plaintiff removed because of unlicensed practice of law and overbroad contract to assume interests of would-be plaintiffs; excessive fee, solicitation, unauthorized practice of law.

Betsy Hapner v. Mark Skaggs, Hillsborough County Circuit Court Case No. 93-9990-CC-X. Rendered expert opinion regarding excessive fee, breach of agreement by attorney retained to prepare a single issue, criminal appeal for a flat fee, but sum uncertain.

Dallas I Construction & Development v. Carolco Industrial Services, Inc. et al., Hillsborough County Circuit Court Case No. 94-1872-B. Rendered expert opinion regarding conflict of interest by attorney who wanted to represent successive defendants with conflicting positions.

Zombori v. Ray, Kievit & Kelly, et al., Escambia County Circuit Court Case No. 95-1701-CA01-J. Expert opinion regarding malpractice by attorney who neglected to place witness on the stand.


Blog (ongoing)  
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Co-author, What the Daubert Test Means to a Financial Expert, The Value Examiner (May/June and July/August 2015) 
War or Peace (Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court), Open Palm Press (September 2014) 
Co-author, Blank Slate or Black Hole? HCBA Lawyer (March/April 2014) 
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Navigating Between Bankruptcy and Family Law, HCBA Lawyer (October 2009) 
Valuation: What’$ It Worth? Ad Valorem Taxation Using Fair Value, The Licensing Journal, (August 2009) 
Editor-in-Chief, The Federal Lawyer (1993-1998, 2000-2003) 
Editor, The Family Law Commentator (1998-2002) 
Everyone Wants to be Wick, Yale Alumni Magazine (October 2001) 
An Open Palm Holds More Sand Than a Closed Fist, Stetson Law Review (Fall 1998) 
Florida Civil Practice Motions, Lexis Law Publishing (second ed. 1999) 
Stepparenting: the Wicked Method, The Family Law Commentator (June 1996) 
When is a Statute of Limitation Not a Limitation? Stetson Law Forum (Spring 1994) 
Preparing Law Students for Ethical Practice, The Akron Law Review (Fall 1993); cited, 
Teaching and Learning Professionalism, ABA Report of the Professionalism Committee (1996) 
Editor-in-Chief, The Bencher (1991-1994) 
Whistleblowing, The Bencher (June 1993) 
Book Review of Bending the Law: The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy, The Federal Bar News & Journal (August 1992) 
The American Inns of Court, Federal Bar News & Journal (June 1992), The Florida Bar Journal (April 1992) 
Can A Chapter 7 Debtor Avoid a Lien On His Home To The Extent That the Lien Exceeds Its Value?  The Lawyer (April 1992) 
Co-author, Battling in Bankruptcy Court, The Federal Bar News & Journal (June 1991) 
Everybody Needs a Mentor, Barrister Magazine (Spring 1991) 
Pupilage Team Agreements, The Bencher (February 1991) 
Rule 11 Does Not Apply In State Courts, The Florida Bar Journal (January 1991) 
Non-Theme Articles and Issue Editor, The Federal Bar News & Journal (1989-1993) 
EEO Developments, monthly column in The New York Law Journal (1981-1982) 
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Michigan Business (August 1981) 
Lead Articles Editor, The Tax Lawyer Law Journal (1979-1980) 


Next Generation Divorce

Collaborative Family Law Council of Florida (2013-present)

Chair, Pro Bono Committee (2012-present)

Training Committee (2012-2012), Chair (2014-2015)

Programming Chair (2015-present)

American Inns of Court Foundation

Leadership Council (1997-present)

National Trustee (1991-1997)

Publications Committee Chair (1991-1995)

Editor-in-Chief, The Bencher (1991-1994)

Public Relations Committee Chair (1992-1995)

Cheatwood American Inn of Court

Pupillage Master (1990-present)

President (2001-2002)

Executive Director (1989-2000)

Founder, Charter Member, Secretary/Treasurer (1987-1989)

Coordinating Council of Florida Inns of Court

Executive Committee (2001)

Founder, Charter Member, First Chair (1989, 1990)

The Florida Bar Professional Ethics Committee

Chair, Publications Sub-Committee (1993-1996)

Chair, Informal Ethics Opinions Review Sub-Committee (1994-1996)

The Florida Bar Grievance Committee 13-A (1990-1993) (2001-2004)

Chair (1992-1993) (2003-2004)

Member (1990-1992) (2001-2004)

Federal Bar Association

National Delegate, Tampa Bay Chapter (1998-2000)

Editor-in-Chief, The Federal Lawyer (1993-1998) (2001-2003)

Member, Constitution and Bylaws Committee (2001-2003)

Member, National Budget Committee (1997-2000)

Member, National Council (1993-2003)

Member, National Bankruptcy Law Section (1996-2003)

Member, Tampa Bay Chapter Executive Committee (1992-2003)

Chair, Tampa Bay Chapter Newsletter (1992-1993)

Hillsborough County Bar Association (HCBA)

Chair, Membership Committee (1999-2000)

Chair, Lawyer Referral (1998-1999)

Peer Review Committee Charter Panel Member

Co-Chair, Long Range Planning Facilities Subcommittee (1998)

Director (1997-1999)

Co-Chair, Solo and Small Firm Practitioner Committee (1995-1997)

Solo and Small Firm Committee Liaison to The Florida Bar (1994-1995)

Professionalism Committee (1993-1995)

American Bar Association

Vice Chair, Young Lawyers Division, Inn of Court Committee (1989-1991)

Liaison to Inns of Court, Litigation Section (1989-1991)


Speaker, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice for Passion & Profit, Full Day Workshop (8/26/16) 
Speaker, Managing Your Collaborative Practice for Passion & Profit, One Hour Training (3/16/16) 
Speaker, Ethics and Collaborative Practice, Paralegal Association of Florida (3/11/16) 
Speaker, Managing Your Collaborative Practice for Passion & Profit, Full Day Workshop (1/22/16)  
Speaker, Why Courtless Instead of Courtroom? Profit Pros BNI Tampa Chapter (11 
Speaker, Intro to Collaborative Practice, UBS Financial Professionals and Realtors Lunch (1/14/16) 
Speaker, Why Specialize in Collaborative Practice? Cheatwood Inn of Court (11/10/2015) 
Co-Speaker, Pro Bono Project Problems & Solutions, The Family Network Training (11/8/2015) 
Speaker, Introduction to Collaborative Practice, Society of Financial Professionals (10/20/15) 
Speaker, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice, Int’l Academy of Collaborative Prof. (10/18/15) 
Speaker, A Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce Project, AFCC Annual Meeting (5/29/2015) 
Speaker, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice, Collaborative Family Law Institute (3/13/15) 
Speaker, Phased Engagement Collaborative Contract, Next Generation Divorce (2/27/15) 
Speaker, Collaborative Divorce: What is It and Why Do We Do It? NBI (12/5/2014) 
Speaker, Trial Components, Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Appraisal Institute (11/5/2014) 
Speaker, Every Day Ethical Considerations, Paralegal Association of Florida (8/22/14) 
Speaker, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice, Collaborative Family Law Council (8/1/14) 
Speaker, Gaining Collaborative Experience – Pro Bono, Collaborative Family Law Council (8/1/14) 
Speaker, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice, Next Generation Divorce (6/11 & 6/19/14) 
Speaker, Collaborative Practice, Florida Dispute Resolution Annual Meeting (8/15/14) 
Speaker, Collaborative Practice in the Bankruptcy Arena? Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar (6/24/14) 
Speaker, Collaborative Practice: What Is It and Why Do We Do It? Various venues (2011-present) 
Speaker, Trial Components: Recipe for Success or Failure, Appraisal Institute (2/16/12) 
Speaker, Every Day Ethical Considerations, Hillsborough Co Bar (Bench Bar Conference, 11/17/11) 
Speaker, Ethics and Entertainment, Hillsborough Co Bar (4/21/11) (316/12) 
Moderator/Speaker, Full Day Continuing Education for Mediators, HCBA 
Mediation: Litigation Strategy or End Game? 2/21/12 
The Mediation Soapbox, 2/23/11 
Mediator Trends in a Changing Environment, 2/18/10 
Mediation is for Everyone, 6/5/09 
Speaker, Ethical Dilemmas in a Downturn Economy 
Paralegal Ass’n of Florida (8/13/10) 
Tampa Bay Paralegal Ass’n (6/16/10) 
HCBA (3/11/10) 
Moderator/Speaker, Divorce and Bankruptcy, TBBBA (4/6/10) 
Speaker, Ethical Dilemmas, Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations (11/7/09)  
Speaker, Starting Your Own Law Practice, National Business Institute (8/12/09) 
Speaker, Navigating the Crossroads of Bankruptcy and Family Law, HCBA (5/28/09) 
Speaker, Navigating the Crossroads of Bankruptcy and Family Law, TBBBA (5/12/09) 
Speaker, Family Law Issues, 21st Annual Central Florida Immigration Seminar (10/2007) 
Speaker, Litigation Skills, Half Moon (3/31/06) 
Speaker, Practical Legal Ethics, National Business Institute (1/2005) 
Speaker, Legal Ethics, Half Moon (1/2003) 
Speaker, Ethics, National Business Institute (3/2001) 
Speaker, Inn Administration, American Inns of Court Foundation (1990-1996, 2000-2002) 
Speaker, The Federal Rules of Procedure, “Bridge the Gap Seminar,” The Florida Bar (1995) 
Speaker, Family Law, Bankruptcy Basics and the New Bankruptcy Code, HCBA (5/23/95) 
Speaker, What Every Family Lawyer Needs to Know about Bankruptcy, HCBA (4/11/95) 
Speaker, Update on Appellate Practice HCBA (3/10/95) 
Moderator, The Magistrates Discuss the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Amendments, 
Tampa Chapter, The Federal Bar Association (11/18/94) 
Chair/Speaker, Pretrial Practice, Stetson University College of Law CLE Course (Fall 1993) 
Chair/Speaker, Appellate Practice, Stetson University College of Law CLE Course (Spring 1993) 
Speaker, Ethics, Civil Trial Board Certification Review Course, The Florida Bar (February 1993) 


AV-rated by Martindale Hubbell

Selected by peers as a “Leading Florida Attorney”

American Inns of Court

2001 A. Sherman Christensen Award

1991-1992 Annual Fellows Campaign Leadership Award

Federal Bar Association

1998 Distinguished Service Award

1997 President’s Award

Distinguished Service Awards (1989-90, 1993-94, 1994-95)

Excellence Awards, issue editor

Bankruptcy (March/April 1994)

Potpourri (February 1993)

Ethics (June 1992)

Distinguished Service, consulting editor, June/July 1991 Issue

Hillsborough County Bar Association

2005 Pro Bono Service Award

The Florida Bar

2004 Pro Bono Service Award

1996 The Professionalism Award (accepted on behalf of the Florida Inns of Court)

Judge J. Clifford Cheatwood Inn of Court

December 1999 Professionalism Award

September 14, 1993 Leadership Award

13th Judicial Grievance Committee “A”

1993 Leadership Award


Board of Directors, Stageworks (2009-2011)

Troop Leader, Girl Scouts of America (1994-1998)

Yale Club of Tampa Bay, Vice President (1991-1996)

Ivy League Club, Treasurer (1990-1991), Member (1988-1996)

American Diabetes Association, Tampa Bay Chapter, Director (1990-1995)

Lighthouse for the Blind, Director (1990-1991)

Network of Executive Women, Member (1989-1991)

Logangate Village Homeowners Association, Treasurer (1984-1986)

Imperial House Condominium Owners Association, Secretary (1981-1983)