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Give Yourself Options

David Dunkel and his ex-wife, Maureen Daly, were in court fighting over how much stock Mr. Dunkel must transfer to his ex-wife. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, there were three possible outcomes to this courtroom drama.

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You Can Never Go Home Again… Can You?

When my daughter left for college, I was relieved. Her last two years in high school had been excruciating. She tended to take the opposing position to anything I said, in painful contrast to the child she had been, when, among other lovely habits.

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Collaborative Life Planning

In the midst of pandemic lockdown, it feels as if the world is ending, and yet, the most stressful part of my life is scrolling through my Instagram feed. It seems as if a new celebrity break-up is announced every day. These are people I care about!

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Family Law Appeals

Did you throw the dice in your court case, and you don’t like the result? Sometimes in the heat of the moment you can miss things. Hindsight is always 20/20. However, you can appeal the trial court’s decision to a higher tribunal with Joryn Jenkins as your appellate lawyer.

Appeals: What Can I Expect?

Once you are divorced you can discover that perhaps the results were not the most ideal for you or your family. In this brief video, Joryn Jenkins goes over some of the things to consider and what you can do in terms of appealing the court’s previous decision.

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You Have the Right to Appeal

If either party believes that the judge made an error in her interpretation of the law or procedure, that party can appeal the case to an appellate court, which will then review the trial judge’s decisions for accuracy. When appropriate, the appellate court may make a formal change to the trial court’s ruling or remand the matter back to the trial court with further instructions.

Appeals function as a process for error correction, as well as a process for clarifying and interpreting the law. The appellate court will not consider new witnesses or evidence; rather, it reviews the evidence already submitted to the trial court to determine whether there was an error in procedure or in the judge’s interpretation of the law. An appeal may be brought if there is a question as to whether the trial court made an error of law or fact.

Joryn Jenkins of Open Palm Law has a strong history of appellate work. Among other successful appeals, Joryn Jenkins represented Florida on appeal of the termination of life support of a minor child, making new law nationwide regarding the ability of parents to substitute their judgment for their child in determining whether to terminate that child’s life support.

Let the attorneys of Open Palm Law help you to resolve your appellate matters.