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Give Yourself Options

David Dunkel and his ex-wife, Maureen Daly, were in court fighting over how much stock Mr. Dunkel must transfer to his ex-wife. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, there were three possible outcomes to this courtroom drama.

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You Can Never Go Home Again… Can You?

When my daughter left for college, I was relieved. Her last two years in high school had been excruciating. She tended to take the opposing position to anything I said, in painful contrast to the child she had been, when, among other lovely habits.

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Collaborative Life Planning

In the midst of pandemic lockdown, it feels as if the world is ending, and yet, the most stressful part of my life is scrolling through my Instagram feed. It seems as if a new celebrity break-up is announced every day. These are people I care about!

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Emergency Motions

Emergency Motions in Tampa

An emergency motion is a motion that is presented in court without the normal requisite notice. It is a special motion used for considering a decision quickly in order to avoid irreparable harm. An emergency motion provides immediate relief as the response is delivered more quickly than a normal one by the court. Common emergency issues in family court include a threat that a party will leave the jurisdiction with a child, put a child in danger, or dissipate or destroy a marital asset. During an emergency custody hearing, a judge hears preliminary evidence and addresses emergency issues only. However, these hearings are extremely important as often times, the emergency orders are made permanent as time passes and the parties operate well enough under them.

Emergency Motions Solutions

For litigants, emergency hearings are even more stressful than regular hearings because of the stress involved in the emergency situation, as well as the stress of hiring an attorney and getting her up to speed quickly. The attorneys of Open Palm Law understand that these are stressful times for their clients, and they strive to keep their clients and the situation as calm as possible, while obtaining positive results.

FAQs for Emergency Motions

A court may provide emergency relief to avoid irreparable harm, such as the danger to a child, the removal of a child from its jurisdiction, or the destruction of property or evidence.

Yes. Requests for emergency hearings should only be utilized in extreme circumstances. If you move for an emergency hearing and the court does not agree that it is an emergency, the judge who will decide your matter may view you as overly litigious or less credible than your opponent.