Depositions in Tampa

Depositions in Tampa
A deposition is a witness’ sworn out-of-court testimony. It is used to gather information as part of the discovery process and, in limited circumstances, may be used at trial. The purpose of a deposition is to find out what the witness knows and to preserve that witness’ testimony. The intent is to allow the parties to learn all of the facts before the trial, so that no one is surprised at trial. It can be used to prove perjury if a witness tries to change his/her testimony at trial. During a deposition, an opposing attorney asks the deponent questions about the case in an attempt to gather information that may be helpful to the case. A court reporter records the testimony with a stenography machine, and then creates a written transcript to be used at trial.

Depositions Solutions
The attorneys of Open Palm Law are skilled in both taking and defending depositions. Whether the deposition is a part of your own case, or you are asked to be deposed as a witness in another’s case, let Open Palm Law protect you and fight for your best interests during your deposition.

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FAQs for Depositions

Will I have the opportunity to review the deposition transcript?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to review the record and make corrections, but generally, the reporter’s word will prevail. Therefore, it is important to be represented by an attorney during your deposition to avoid being misrepresented.

Can I lie during a deposition?

No. You must answer honestly, as you are answering under oath.

Why does the opposing party want to videotape my deposition?

A deposition may be videotaped if it is going to be used to impeach a witness. Seeing a witness contradict himself has a greater impact than just reading back the written transcript. Or, it may be videotaped to preserve the witness’ testimony in case the witness becomes unavailable. Also, videotaped testimony can provide more insight to those preparing the case for trial.



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“Joryn was simply amazing. Her supporting, consistent, honest, and most importantly – productive – approach was exactly what I needed to get through the process. A court trial was imminent if we did not have a successful mediation (the third one!), and no other attorney was able to focus the entire team like Joryn.”Danielle, January 2016



Open Palm in Tampa, Florida is proud to present our firm’s founder, Joryn Jenkins. Please take a moment to read about her qualifications to assist you. We also invite you to view her resume.

In the beginning, Ms. Jenkins worked for one of the ten largest law firms in the country in its Washington, D.C. office. After nearly three years practicing in all aspects of regulatory law, she took a break from big firm life to work exclusively for one of her own clients on a class action involving more than fifty sex discrimination claims in California. When she returned to the East Coast, she accepted an offer from the state attorney in Tampa, E.J. Salcines (now an appellate judge). CONTINUE READING…