De-Stressing Divorce

Getting divorced will be easier in 2015 than ever before! The website will release its patented on-line division tools which will greatly simplify collaborative divorce divisions. Most divorced folks can attest to how emotional things can become during the divorce process. These new online tools will combine Emotional Value and Monetary Value approaches in an effort to fairly and effectively divide personal property during a couple’s divorce.

Household items that were once bought together as a couple could have strong emotions tied to them. When divorcing and moving into a new home, each party will also want some of the furniture to take to their respective new homes. It can also be especially hard if the couple has children. If this is the case, each parent may want to bring certain furniture into his or her new home so that the children enjoy some sense of familiarity with their new home. Discussing with your spouse who will take what household item, while being fair, can be very difficult, stressful, and emotional.

David MacMahan, founder of, created this website to alleviate the pressure and emotional pain that comes with the divorce process. Having these tools available on-line should allow you to minimize face-to-face interactions, which will make the whole process go smoother. With this new website, divorce won’t have to be as emotional because the division of personal property can be accomplished on-line.

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