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Bringing the Magic

I had a case in which I was retained, not for a collaborative matter, but for litigation. (Back then, I still had the reputation for being “an aggressive family law trial attorney.”)

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Growing Apart

Overheard among a group of middle school boys drinking mochas in a coffeehouse, as one tastes another’s coffee: “That is so ridiculously sweet! That’s like something a five-year-old would make!”

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Collegue Testimonials

Collegue Testimonials

“Ms. Jenkins is a compassionate collaborative divorce attorney. She will go above and beyond to help restructure your family after divorce. Anyone even thinking of divorce should speak with Ms. Jenkins.”

— Garin Vick, Psy.D.

“I am a forensic CPA that spends considerable time in family law matters. Joryn is one of my favorite attorneys because she not only represents her clients interests, but is acutely aware of the dynamics that she contributes to the divorce process. In other words, Joryn doesn’t make the case about herself – but cares about a healthy divorce where her clients are not only satisfied with the near term solution, but the divorce was handled with the respect necessary for long term healing.
Joryn is a huge proponent of collaborative divorce and mediation – as well as contested divorce when other alternatives would not be effective. She will fight hard to make sure you are treated fairly and with respect – but will also be persuasive with the other party to ensure your perspective is heard and their perspective is communicated to you.”

— Jon Gorman, CPA

“I have known Joryn Jenkins professionally for 30 years as we both practice in the Tampa Bay legal community in the area of family law primarily. She is very knowledgeable, a great trial lawyer with a quick mind and she doesn’t get caught off guard. She’s the one I never hesitate to recommend to a client she might help.”

— James Kramer, Attorney

“Joryn is a powerhouse of an attorney and is leading the charge in collaborative divorce, which is a revolutionary change from the standard, painful, and financially disastrous divorce process. She is remarkably intelligent and very helpful resource for anyone who is about to go through divorce.”

— Alan Borden, Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I have been a member of the editorial board of The Federal Lawyer for many years. Early in my tenure there, I had the pleasure of working on the magazine with Joryn, who was (at that time) its volunteer editor. As the editor, she chaired our board, which consisted of very bright and dedicated lawyers from around the country. (I am in California.)
From personal experience, I can attest that she is very bright, articulate, and hard working. She is a true “team player,” always willing to share praise with those she collaborates with. When I think of her, the two words that first come to mind are “can do,” I am sure that this attitude carries over into her practice, to the benefit of her clients.”

— Michael Tonsing, Attorney

“Give [Joryn] a call and talk about your situation with her. She is an amazingly talented and smart lawyer, and she is on the forefront of the collaborative divorce movement. It is a completely different way to deal with a divorce. Rather than a nasty and destructive court battle, it is peaceful and gentle. She likes to say that she can restructure a family, not destroy it.”

— Hunter Chamberlin, Attorney

“Ms. Jenkins also encouraged me to learn more about a new yet growing form of alternative dispute resolution known as collaborative family law practice. She convinced me to take training in this model and get involved with a local practice group and 501(c)(3) non-profit, Next Generation Divorce. Since then, Ms. Jenkins has been supremely supportive as I have become a leader in Tampa’s collaborative family law movement.
And Ms. Jenkins has continued to show us all what it means to give back to the community. First, she became chair of the Next Generation Divorce Pro Bono Committee, and then the HCBA Collaborative Law Section Pro Bono Committee. This provided her and I the opportunity to participate in Florida’s first pro bono interdisciplinary collaborative divorce. Now, Ms. Jenkins is chair of the Pro Bono Committee of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Florida, and she has been going around the state teaching others how to set up pro bono collaborative divorce clinics.”

— Adam Cordover, Attorney