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I had a case in which I was retained, not for a collaborative matter, but for litigation. (Back then, I still had the reputation for being “an aggressive family law trial attorney.”)

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Growing Apart

Overheard among a group of middle school boys drinking mochas in a coffeehouse, as one tastes another’s coffee: “That is so ridiculously sweet! That’s like something a five-year-old would make!”

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Client Testimonials

“Open Palm Law is by far the most amazing experience that I could have had in a time like this and with one of the most difficult situations, one can ever have a divorce. The staff was extremely supportive during the entire process and Ms. Jenkins was an exceptional attorney that demonstrated compassion, understanding, and genuine concern during the most difficult time of my life. She tirelessly addressed each part of the process with equal concern and gave both parties a sense of peace and comfort all the way to the end. I would highly recommend her and her staff to get the job done and done very well. I don’t endorse divorce nor separation, but if there was a true reason to have to go that route, this is the team you want on your side.”
— Angel Acevedo

“My biggest fear before going into the collaborative divorce process was that we wouldn’t be able to agree to anything. I was surprised that we were able to listen to each other as well as we did.
This was because the professionals were so active in helping us hear each other’s points of view. It certainly sounds different when someone else says it, even when it’s the same thing your husband just said. It was a surprise that I got what I wanted and he got what he wanted. But I think what I wanted changed during the process…
It was not the battle I expected; it was not hostile. He heard me out, and I heard him out. I was able to say what I needed to say about how I really felt and he listened to me. [H]e did the same, saying what he needed to say, and I listened to him.”
— Jessica Dixon

“My biggest fear before and after deciding to use CP was not knowing enough about the process, how it worked, and what to expect.

Everyone worked together well, the process went smoothly, the professionals planned ahead and were prepared for the meetings, and the meetings were able to accommodate his schedule at work.

I learned that I get along well with Stephanie compared to other people going through a divorce. I also learned that we agree on a lot.”

— Travis Williams

“My biggest fear about my divorce prior to consulting with my collaborative attorneys was how I would be able to afford the divorce. But once I decided to try the collaborative process, I didn’t really have any fears. I just wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I wanted everything to be fair and equitable to everyone involved.

I liked the fact that the collaborative process went fast and was quite peaceful. The process made a difference in our child’s life because there was not as much hurting. Our child got to see us be peaceful instead of duking it out in court. The collaborative process was more peaceful, rather than fight after fight. There was nothing that I disliked about the process.

I especially appreciated the ongoing open communication between all of the professionals involved. The facilitators were great! They were very attentive, empathetic, and understanding. The financial neutrals were attentive and very good listeners. They recorded what we said whether they agreed with it or not and worked very well together. My attorneys really looked out for my best interest and allowed me to be educated and informed about not just the process, but also the law. My wife’s lawyers were nice, polite, and not confrontational. They did not attack me. The entire process was a positive experience, something I did not expect from my divorce.”

— William Reyes

“Nothing’s ever easy, ever, ever, ever… except for collaborative divorce.

My biggest fear prior to consulting with you was that we would fight about things. That you lawyers would make things complicated and make us fight with each other. It made me feel great that none of the professionals made me feel dumb when I asked a question, that they were not condescending to me.

It was a surprise to me how in depth the financial affidavit was, how deep the background finances had to be. I would never have guessed this was our facilitators’ first case!!! And our financial neutral was very thorough. This was her first case? Are you kidding me? My lawyers really kept me in the know and informed, which I really appreciated. I have no critique of my husband’s lawyers. From what I saw, they were very helpful to him. He never complained and he would have.”

— Stephanie Williams

“We had to do something so very hard and emotionally very upsetting. But we knew we had to do a divorce because of our situation. We want you and everyone on the team to know that your kindness and each one’s expertise will forever be appreciated and remembered. You have all made this difficult journey bearable and possible! Collaborative divorce is a loving way that makes such a task easier and takes the stress out of it. So, to all of you angels we send our heartfelt thanks and love for all you have done for us.”

— DeeDee Maratea

“I couldn’t have been happier with my collaborative divorce experience. Initially, I was concerned that my husband and I would not be able to do what we wanted to do and agree to what we wanted to agree. But, while our team explained to us the possible ramifications of our choices, ultimately, they let us decide. My husband and I went into the process fairly agreeable, and I was worried that the team might cause us to conflict, but that did not happen at all. The entire process went smoothly with no complications. I was impressed by how easy my team made the process. My attorney was always there for me, responding very quickly to my questions and concerns. The neutrals were, as well.

The team was excellent and really seemed to want what was best for me and my family. My team was like my family, working for both of us to resolve our conflicts, helping us to say the things we were afraid to say, that I never thought I would ever be able to say to my husband, and to know that it would be alright, that the team would make sure that it was alright. They made it so much easier to work things out!”

— Zuly Rosa

“Joryn was simply amazing. Her supporting, consistent, honest, and most importantly productive – approach was exactly what I needed to get through the process. A court trial was imminent if we did not have a successful mediation (the third one!), and no other attorney was able to focus the entire team like Joryn. Her experience, ‘bed-side manner,’ and direction was simply invaluable.”

— Dr. Danielle McVety

“I write this coming from a place of love for my family and wanting to do right by my wife and young son. I was unsure about what to do when my wife told me she wanted a divorce but, through a friend, I found Mrs. Jenkins at Open Palm.

She and her excellent staff have helped guide me and my family through the process of working together to come to a reasonable and clean divorce settlement agreement (doing what’s best for my family). The people at Open Palm have helped to comfort me and advised me through the most difficult time and decisions of my life. With their help I was able to make it through the process with little worries and confidence that I was doing what was best for my family given the circumstances.

I would highly recommend Open Palm because of their processes and procedures to anyone looking for peace of mind and resolution to their marital affairs! Through it all I have learned what it means to be selfless, grateful, humble, and, most of all, what sacrifice truth looks like. This life-changing event has taught me many lessons about unconditional love and appreciation for what really matters in this world of material things and it is life itself, good and bad.
The people at Open Palm live a servant lifestyle of helping and not hurting and for that I am grateful for their services!”

— Joseph Freeman

“Joryn was a light in darkness for me. She heard me and understood my desire for a peaceful legal process, coming from a childhood of ugly divorce, that was not an option for me, and Open Palm was the solution. I’m truly grateful there are people out there like Joryn and her team that want to see peace and help with the collaborative process instead of fuel a war between two people. They truly want to help make things better and that is rare, highly, highly recommended.”

— Debra Williams

“A very difficult process was made so much more palatable because of the care, excellent communications and professionalism of the team you assembled. I will always be grateful.
I briefed my daughter and son on the weekend and they are relieved that Diane and I concluded things in a manner that keeps lines of communication open, ensures future family events can be conducted in a friendly and respectful ways and that Diane’s financial future is being protected in the best way possible. I wish you continued success for this valuable service.”

— Collin Wood

“I would say that I had the usual concerns about going through a divorce: that the process was fair, that I would be heard, and that it would be a long, drawn out process. No fear after making the decision to use collaborative. I was actually reassured after learning about CP. Becoming informed about CP completely alleviated anticipated fear and apprehension.

I felt that I had a voice and that I would be heard. It wasn’t a lopsided process, I liked that. I also liked that it was timely. I liked working with the Team…I feel like they gave Jessica and I the helping hand we needed to get through it. Jessica and I were able to explain to one another (and hear each other) on how our son felt. It allowed us to share what he was saying in a neutral and safe setting without involving him in the process and potentially exposing him to conflict.

I feel that the process gave me insight into a lot of things between Jessica and I and our son. The Team was there to clear up any questions we had; I felt I could have an exchange with any of the team members and that shortened the process. I liked that the process was goal centered and common ground was easy to find. No downside. Finishing in such a timely manner…I mean from beginning to end it was less than 90 days! It was easy, well plotted out, and not at all nerve wrecking.

I was surprised that emotions surfaced that I thought had been resolved and put away a long time ago.”

— Michael Dixon

“Thankfully, I resolved my marriage using the Collaborative Practice Method. My collaborative divorce was much quicker and easier than it would have been if my ex and I had chosen the traditional litigation process. The aspect of the collaborative model that appealed to me most was the opportunity to have everything settled before going to court. I was most scared by the possibility that my ex-spouse and I would not be able to agree on everything during the team meetings. But, with the help of our collaborative team, we were able to come to a full agreement.

I liked the collaborative process because it gave my ex and I an opportunity to resolve our most personal and private matters ourselves, rather than having a judge decide them.”

— Tamika Nichols