War From the Get-Go

Be Careful What You Say During The Courtroom Divorce Process.

be careful what you say courtroom divorce

Don’t Tell Your Clients Anything You Don’t Want to be Repeated. Courtroom divorce proceedings are stressful enough without personal attacks between attorneys. My client was the wife in a hotly contested divorce that I had inherited from another attorney. Her franchise attorney had referred her to me, specifically in the hope “you can get this…

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I Spy; You Can Too!

Who has not watched a James Bond film and said to himself, “those gadgets are so cool!” or “I wish I had one of those?” Well, nowadays, you can visit your neighborhood spy shop or any online espionage hardware retailer and purchase cool gadgets, sleek hardware, and micro devices that can be used for any…

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The Race To The Courthouse

Why am I so excited about collaborative divorce? Because it’s a positive thing, a change for the better! Today, when you consult the average attorney about a divorce, the lawyer’s first thought is to get his petition to dissolve the marriage filed before the other spouse does. It’s always a race to the courthouse, because…

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The Not So Private Life of Michael Moore

Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, help director of “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” prides himself on being a regular guy who often goes after those privileged one-percenters. Strangely, there’s big money in that… although no one ever really knew how much. Well, now they do. Once his traditional courtroom divorce began, it became public record…

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