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Is On-line Dating During Your Divorce A Good Idea?

on-line dating during your divorce

  To Advise or Not to Advise?  Client Use of  On-Line Dating Platforms during Divorce. One of the first things that we, as lawyers, tell our clients when they begin their divorce is to limit their social media activity and to be mindful of what they post. As technology continues to evolve, it becomes tougher…

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Get Educated, Part II: Avoid Committing Federal Mortgage Fraud

  In Get Educated, Part One, we discussed how to verify someone’s experience. We also explained that you should find out what your loan options are before your divorce is final, because the terms set out in your final judgment of divorce can either foster your goal, or prevent it. And your lawyer is unlikely to know…

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Setting The Table

When I was a trial lawyer, just starting out doing divorce work, my first question to the potential new client, as I grasped his outstretched hand warmly in both of mine, was, “How are you? What’s going on in your life that’s brought you here?” Thus, they knew that I was warm and caring. Clients…

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