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Appropriate Gift For A Recently Divorced Friend Someone asked me to advise her of a good Christmas gift for her recently divorced friend. Because I spend all of my work time helping folks who are dissolving their marriages, I get this question up-close-and-personal. It’s a great question. And there is a library full of good …

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Focus Forward, Never Back

Focus Forward, Never Back In practicing collaboratively, we focus our clients on the future. Fixing your attention on how you want your life to look five years from now is a positive and optimistic endeavor that inevitably uplifts your spirits, especially when the present is an upheaval of divorce-related stress and anxiety-provoking decisionmaking. And making …

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The Good Mediator

The Good Mediator A good mediator does some of the most important work there is. Rather than escalate a dispute towards litigation, her goal is to facilitate negotiations between parties so that they can hopefully reach a settlement, or at least, a partial settlement. This is important because it is an instrumental step in keeping …

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