The Positives of 50/50 Custody

The Positives of 50/50 custody

For moms like me, the idea of 50/50 custody was too far from the norm. But there are many positives if you’re open to seeing them. Many women stay in relationships long past their expiration dates. Of course, you can always see it in someone else’s relationship. In your own relationship, well, hindsight is 20/20.…

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How Do Emergency Motions Work?

We’ve all seen the Lifetime movies: a divorced mom’s suburban life is turned upside down when she realizes her ex spouse has taken their child to another country without her consent. Chaos and heartbreak ensues as she tries to get her kid back. If you’re a parent, you can imagine the anguish of a situation…

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How to Improve Co-Parenting With a Difficult Ex

When you reach that crossroads in your marriage at which you start considering divorce as an option, doubts start creeping in. How do I tell my children? What will people think? I can’t believe this is happening. Once the final judgment of dissolution of marriage is signed by the judge, you feel you can breathe…

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The Costs of Litigation

cost of litigation

Do you like to waste money? NO. I don’t think there’s anyone who does. It’s one thing when you spend it while doing something fun, like traveling or playing golf or falling in love with a handbag. That’s not “wasting” money. But it’s a different story when we’re talking about something painful, like the divorce…

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How Will The Divorce Process Affect Your Children?

how will the divorce process affect your children

Do you remember the movie about Joan Crawford’s life, Mommy Dearest? This is what uncontrolled anger does to people. For those of us looking in, we can see the damage it causes; but for the person experiencing it, it creates a blind rage that prevents them from seeing the bigger picture. Think about a time…

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Avoiding Micro Managing in Co-Parenting

When you share your child with an ex-spouse, your final judgment of dissolution of marriage is only the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship. Whether you entered into a parenting plan voluntarily or as a result of litigation, you must figure out how to make co-parenting work in the most efficient way, for…

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