Community Liaisons

It is the objective of every practice group to build the awareness, acceptance, and use of collaborative services generally, and their own group’s efficacy, in particular. What if we had an outside advisory board or focus group comprised of representatives from various community organizations and resources to assist us in getting the message out, providing…

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Applying Givers Gain

Last Saturday, stuff my husband and I were headed out to view a house that had just been listed for sale that my realtor had finally found for us, after many months of looking.  I had somehow forgotten the appointment, but Todd had not and so, when he reminded me, I quickly showered, jumped into…

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Be Specific When You Request Referrals

Years ago, I ran an errand, retrieving some newly framed art from the gallery where I always arranged to have my artwork framed.  While waiting for the owner to find my giclée in the back, I fell in love with an original painting he had on display and offered for sale.  In it, the artist had…

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