initial conversations in the collaborative process

The Collaborative Process: Initial Conversations Between Co-Collaborative Counsel and Choosing Neutrals

As soon as both clients have chosen their collaborative process attorneys, if you have not yet, reach out to your co-collaborative counsel (that would be “opposing counsel” in a litigated case) and introduce yourself. You should begin discussing who might be appropriate team members in light of the issues involved in the divorce at hand…

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divorce crisis md

Divorce Crisis

There is nothing like a crisis to bring families, even split ones, together. After a divorce with children, you must remember that, to those kids, you are still just one family. This year, Hurricane Irma took a path that threatened my community. As a result, my ex-husband and I were faced with our first emergency…

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note taking collaborative divorce meeting

Note Taking – First Collaborative Divorce Team Meeting (MD)

I was recently invited to be part of a collaborative divorce team as the notetaker. Here’s what I learned: I have become familiar with the collaborative divorce process over the last few months, discussing how the process unfolds with clients and our lawyers and working with clients as we prepared them for their meetings, but…

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A Vital Conversation: Keeping Financial Issues and Divorce at Bay.

One of the leading reasons why couples seek marriage counseling and ultimately divorce is because of financial issues, including disagreements as to how to handle debt and differing spending habits. Financial issues are a huge source of stress for so many. Contrasting spending styles, or simply not having enough money to go around each month,…

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what is the opposite of happiness

What’s the Opposite of Happiness?

I read recently that the opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference. So, what is the opposite of happiness? I asked this question because, in all of our collaborative divorces, we strive to enable our clients to set goals, those targets that they believe will lead to their future happiness, if not immediately, then…

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when financial stress leads to divorce

When Financial Stress Leads to Divorce

Financial problems are one of the leading causes of divorce. Spouses often disagree as to how much they should spend, how much they should save, and how they should handle financial emergencies. Let’s elaborate on the challenges of divorce from the financial perspective. Do you pinch your pennies while your spouse makes it rain wherever…

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respectful dialogue during collaborative divorce process

Respectful Dialogue A Contagious Core Value of the Collaborative Divorce Process

Disrespectfulness is not tolerated in the collaborative divorce process. We can probably all sadly agree that our society is devolving into a culture of disrespect. Rather than learning to respect others, because of what the media and our political leaders demonstrate for them on a daily basis, our children learn to disrespect them. Our government…

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divorce team

Who Should You Include on Your Divorce Team?

In life, surrounding yourself with the right people can mean the difference between happiness and sadness, success and failure. It is no different when you experience a divorce. Should you surround yourself with Negative Nellies who only see the bad in everything that happens? Or with Positive Pollys, realistic folks who keep you grounded and…

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stepparent open palm law

The Stepparent: What level of involvement in parenting is appropriate?

What role does a stepparent have in parenting? Integrating a stepparent into an already established family structure can be a sensitive, and potentially stressful, situation. What do you do when a conflict arises between parent and stepparent, or between stepparent and child? I’m here to assure you that there is no one-answer-fits-all, only what works…

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divorce lawyer 5 worst mistakes

The Five Worst Mistakes Made by New Divorce Practitioners

There’s a lot more to becoming a successful divorce lawyer than it may seem. As I’ve grown my own practice and trained divorce lawyers around the country to grow theirs, I’ve discovered that there are a few consistent mistakes that all new divorce lawyers make that prevent them from finding the success that they want.…

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is collaboration the choice for you

Asking Divorce Questions: Is Collaboration Right For You?

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Choosing Collaboration For Your Divorce Process.   Divorce is stressful. Before you even begin your divorce, you must choose how you want to get divorced. Litigation, mediation, cooperation, collaboration . . . there are numerous options. So, is collaboration the right process for you? Answer the following questions to determine…

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collaborative divorce


A woman I met last year called me recently. Her voice was pitched higher than usual, and she was talking too fast, nearly babbling. I had to ask her to slow down so that I could understand what she was saying. She apologized but it was clear that she was in complete dismay. She wanted…

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