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The Stepparent: What level of involvement in parenting is appropriate?

What role does a stepparent have in parenting? Integrating a stepparent into an already established family structure can be a sensitive, and potentially stressful, situation. What do you do when a conflict arises between parent and stepparent, or between stepparent and child? I’m here to assure you that there is no one-answer-fits-all, only what works…

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collaborative divorce


A woman I met last year called me recently. Her voice was pitched higher than usual, and she was talking too fast, nearly babbling. I had to ask her to slow down so that I could understand what she was saying. She apologized but it was clear that she was in complete dismay. She wanted…

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respectful dialogue during collaborative divorce process

Respectful Dialogue A Contagious Core Value of the Collaborative Divorce Process

Disrespectfulness is not tolerated in the collaborative divorce process. We can probably all sadly agree that our society is devolving into a culture of disrespect. Rather than learning to respect others, because of what the media and our political leaders demonstrate for them on a daily basis, our children learn to disrespect them. Our government…

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divorce team

Who Should You Include on Your Divorce Team?

In life, surrounding yourself with the right people can mean the difference between happiness and sadness, success and failure. It is no different when you experience a divorce. Should you surround yourself with Negative Nellies who only see the bad in everything that happens? Or with Positive Pollys, realistic folks who keep you grounded and…

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divorce lawyer 5 worst mistakes

The Five Worst Mistakes Made by New Divorce Practitioners

There’s a lot more to becoming a successful divorce lawyer than it may seem. As I’ve grown my own practice and trained divorce lawyers around the country to grow theirs, I’ve discovered that there are a few consistent mistakes that all new divorce lawyers make that prevent them from finding the success that they want.…

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is collaboration the choice for you

Asking Divorce Questions: Is Collaboration Right For You?

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Choosing Collaboration For Your Divorce Process.   Divorce is stressful. Before you even begin your divorce, you must choose how you want to get divorced. Litigation, mediation, cooperation, collaboration . . . there are numerous options. So, is collaboration the right process for you? Answer the following questions to determine…

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kitchen table divorce

Is a Kitchen Table Divorce Right For You?

Is the “Kitchen Table” Process Appropriate for Your Divorce?   Some couples can resolve their divorce issues by negotiating directly with one another, without professional help. They may be able to reach an agreement easily, draft the necessary paperwork using forms they find on-line, and file it on their own with the court. Could this…

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negotiation divorce process open palm law

Is Negotiation The Right Divorce Process For You?

Many divorcing couples aren’t able to resolve their divorces without the assistance of professionals. Sometimes one hires an attorney to represent one of them in the negotiations with the other party; sometimes they each opt to retain counsel to negotiate a resolution for them. How do you know if this is the right divorce process…

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5 ways to choose a lawyer

Five Ways to Choose a Lawyer for Your “Trivial” Legal Matter

Choosing a lawyer can be stressful, especially if you are doing it to take care of a life-changing event like your divorce, your bankruptcy, the dissolution of your partnership, or a criminal matter. But what about those times when you need a lawyer for a small issue, like to prepare a simple contract, argue a…

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asking questions is mediation right for you

Asking Questions: Is Mediation The Right Process For Your Divorce?

 For the couple getting divorced, there are a number of choices available to them of how to go about it, from negotiating directly with each other (pro se negotiations) to leaving it all in a judge’s hands (litigation). At a time when there are already so many questions and so much stress, it may seem…

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