social media prenup

Social Media Prenup

Social Media Prenup Social Media Clauses in Prenuptial Agreements I had an interesting consultation this morning. I thought that we were just meeting to discuss my preparation of a fairly standard prenuptial agreement. However, the young woman asked that we include a “social media clause” in her prenup. While I have read several articles recently…

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war or peace divorce

War or Peace For Your Divorce? Choose to Collaborate!

Would you wish a world in the midst of war, countries constantly battling, threatening to bomb each other, their citizens being physically and emotionally brutalized, if not killed, their children being torn from their homes, their families, and friends, suffering even more? Or would you choose a peaceful world in which folks may not agree,…

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marriages end co-parenting doesn't

Marriages End; Co-Parenting Doesn’t

Marriages End; Co-Parenting Doesn’t Unfortunately, not every marriage is meant to last “until death do us part.” But even if your marriage isn’t stamped “No Expiration Date,” if you were lucky enough for it to result in children, then you should come out of your marriage with some lasting relationships. Of course, your relationships with…

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divorce can be reasonable

Divorce is Never Free, But It Can Be Reasonable

Even in the easiest divorce, there are expenses. Splitting one household into two always results in higher expenses for each person. Even if the couple comes to an agreement on their own, there are court filing fees and other unavoidable costs. The simplest divorce is actually more expensive than the simplest marriage! And most divorces…

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App Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard

As a promoter of positive co-parenting relationships, I strongly believe that even if you did not succeed as a married couple, you can still co-parent effectively post-divorce. Sometimes, that takes different tools for different people. Much to my dismay, my ex-husband and I have some tension in co-parenting. We simply do not communicate well and…

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Kids Don’t Choose to Divorce; Divorce Collaboratively

Little girls dream of the day when they will marry their princes. They play make-believe games, dressing like brides, holding silk flowers, and slowly marching down the aisle. They dream of what it will be like to be a mother, treating their dolls like their babies, feeding them, and even changing their diapers. They don’t…

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excellent exes after collaborative divorce

Excellent Exes: Ending Up Better After A Collaborative Divorce

Early in my career, as a young and single divorce attorney, my clients often commented “I’ll bet you never want to get married.” My response was always the same, “No, I never want to get divorced.” And what I meant was that I would be sure to choose my spouse extra carefully because I knew…

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Collaborate For Your Children's Sake

Collaborate For Your Children’s Sake

Children should never be placed in the middle of their parents’ problems. Doing so can have a devastating psychological impact on them. Children who are forced to take sides against one of their parents exhibit more behavioral problems and experience higher rates of depression and substance abuse. Your children didn’t choose your marriage or your…

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transform your family

Don’t Destroy Your Family; Transform It The Collaborative Way!

So you want a divorce. You are tired of living in an unhappy marriage in which the bad times far outnumber the good times. You’ve done everything you can to keep your family together, but it’s just not working. You never thought that your marriage would end in divorce, but here you are. But does…

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better water marriage

Better Water: Looking At Marriage With A Positive Attitude

My husband and I talked about “down-sizing” yesterday, on the long drive back from South Beach, where we had celebrated my 62nd birthday with family. But, as soon as we broached the subject, as appealing as it sounded, we ran into problems. First of all, our house is already only 2300 square feet; we could…

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