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Time Heals

Time Heals Find An Alternative Way To Divorce I’ve said it so many times . . . there is magic in the collaborative process. Unlike during my vast experience in litigation, I witness magic often in my collaborative cases. Take my recent collaboration in which I represented Jessica. During a heated argument, her husband, Mike…

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Ten Bedtime Habits for Success

Ten Bedtime Habits for Success Are You Spending Quality Time Together? Are there things you can say to or do with your partner before bed that will bring you closer, other than the obvious? As you wind down your day, this is really a good time to reconnect with your spouse. Dinner’s over. Baths are…

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Ten Morning Routines to Ensure Marital Bliss

Ten Morning Routines to Ensure Marital Bliss A Quality Morning Most people don’t think of their morning routines as valuable time to bond with their significant others. Why not? Feel like you don’t have time? Always in a rush in the mornings? Too little time already to get the kids ready for school? Too busy…

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