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Divorce Crisis

divorce crisis md

There is nothing like a crisis to bring families, even split ones, together. After a divorce with children, you must remember that, to those kids, you are still just one family. This year, Hurricane Irma took a path that threatened my community. As a result, my ex-husband and I were faced with our first emergency…

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Note Taking – First Collaborative Divorce Team Meeting (MD)

note taking collaborative divorce meeting

I was recently invited to be part of a collaborative divorce team as the notetaker. Here’s what I learned: I have become familiar with the collaborative divorce process over the last few months, discussing how the process unfolds with clients and our lawyers and working with clients as we prepared them for their meetings, but…

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A Vital Conversation: Keeping Financial Issues and Divorce at Bay.

One of the leading reasons why couples seek marriage counseling and ultimately divorce is because of financial issues, including disagreements as to how to handle debt and differing spending habits. Financial issues are a huge source of stress for so many. Contrasting spending styles, or simply not having enough money to go around each month,…

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