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The Seasons of Relationships

“There are many seasons in all relationships. Some are easy to get through; some you have to push through.” Here in Florida, we are in the middle of what is known as “Hurricane Season.” Six months of the year, we must be prepared for a hurricane to sweep through our community. Some years, there are…

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Hurricanes and Divorces

divorce hurricane

Getting ready for the Divorce Hurricane. What 6 Preparatory Steps Should You Take? This week, one week after Hurricane Harvey hung over Houston, the entire State of Florida prepared for Hurricane Irma, the largest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. People were terrified by the devastation that this powerful storm could bring to their…

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Words Matter

  “Words matter. They’re contagious. And hopeful words infect people.” -Angela Maiers My girlfriend asks me what brand of eyeliner I use. I can’t remember that kind of stuff so I tell her it’s purple and I think it’s oil-based because you smear it with a brush after you stroke it on. She asks me again…

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Don’t UnJoy Your Road Trip!

My husband and I recently took a road trip from Tampa to Houston. My daughter moved there recently and was dying for us to come visit. I personally was dying to relocate Flo, her beloved rabbit, who had lived with us for the past two years, inside my tidy little home in her big old…

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