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No Assholes Allowed

no assholes allowed

Assholes . . . we all know one. At least one. Each of us may act like one, once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, there are situations in which being an asshole can help you. Before I go on, I have to apologize. I searched for a less vulgar synonym for “assholes”, and was unable…

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The 7 Biggest Divorce Mistakes: #3 Talking Trash

MISTAKE #3 – TALKING TRASH You may feel you must vent about your issues with the ex. Sometimes talking trash may just slip. If it does, beware “the natural and logical consequences.” NEVER trash your ex to your kids. It will hurt you in family court, if you insist on going there. And it will certainly…

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Rule To Be Broken

rule to be broken

I had a collaborative case that was close to impasse. My team agreed that we would bring in a mediator as a last resort, especially given that we had successfully worked through so many of the issues between the spouses already. But the mediator we wanted didn’t follow the “rule” they normally do. The team…

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The 7 Biggest Divorce Mistakes: #2 Emptying The Joint Bank Accounts

Some divorce lawyers encourage their clients to empty out the joint bank accounts, “before your spouse does it.” This is a declaration of war, equivalent to pushing the red button. In many jurisdictions, when one person petitions for divorce, the judge enters a standing temporary order, instructing the clients not to dissipate marital assets, not…

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