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Financial Fear

financial fear

Collaborative divorce professionals everywhere can probably agree that a healthy divorce process, one that restructures families instead of destroying them, is not about “where you’ve been” but about “where you are headed.”  Having said that, let’s also be honest; the big roadblock to completing a divorce is often one spouse’s fear, fear of exactly that, fear…

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I Spy; You Can Too!

Who has not watched a James Bond film and said to himself, “those gadgets are so cool!” or “I wish I had one of those?” Well, nowadays, you can visit your neighborhood spy shop or any online espionage hardware retailer and purchase cool gadgets, sleek hardware, and micro devices that can be used for any…

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Impasse Does Not Equal Failure

Last week, I got a phone call from a guy who had interviewed me two years ago for his divorce. At the time, between us, we had decided that the collaborative option, a “private divorce,” would best serve his family, that being himself, his wife, Deirdre, and his small daughter. However, ultimately, he opted to retain…

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The Race To The Courthouse

Why am I so excited about collaborative divorce? Because it’s a positive thing, a change for the better! Today, when you consult the average attorney about a divorce, the lawyer’s first thought is to get his petition to dissolve the marriage filed before the other spouse does. It’s always a race to the courthouse, because…

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Divorced, but Still Caring

This article is written by a guest author who would like to remain anonymous Have you heard the latest news regarding Khloe Kardashian and her concerns about divorcing her husband, Lamar Odom? Normally, I would skim over this type of entertainment news, but what caught my eye was the headline “. . . reality star…

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