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“Divorce is a Positive Experience” (Part I)

Did my headline catch your eye? I have actually had a client describe his divorce in those exact words. Of course, it was a collaborative divorce; I’m certain that’s no surprise to anyone reading this blog. But the question you should ask is “how did you find out that he was describing his divorce in…

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What to Do Before Consulting a Divorce Attorney?

The decision to hire a divorce attorney is a stressful one. Once you do, the process may quickly unfold before you have time to adequately prepare. Therefore, before hiring an attorney, consider some divorce advice 26 STEPS TO PREPARE YOU FOR DIVORCE 1. Emotionally prepare yourself. Be certain that divorce is really what you want;…

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Lowering My Hourly Rate

How many of us lawyers can afford our own services? My husband and I retained a Miami lawyer over a dozen years ago, at the stunning hourly rate of $600. To this day, that amount still outrages me. I went to Yale University when I was 16 years old, graduated when I was 19, and…

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