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AVVO – client reviews

Joryn is the best you will find.
Joryn was simply amazing. Her supporting, consistent, honest, and most importantly – productive – approach was exactly what I needed to get through the process. A court trial was imminent if we did not have a successful mediation (the third one!), and no other attorney was able to focus the entire team like Joryn. Her experience, ‘bed-side manner,’ and direction was simply invaluable.
Dani McVety

Absolutely the best
Joryn and her staff were nothing but fabulous during my collaborative divorce. I could definitely go on and on about how great they were during this time in my life, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me. Thank you, Mrs Jenkins and staff, for making this as smooth as possible for me.
Jessica Dixon

What a great attorney! 
Joryn takes the time to sit and listen to everything you have to say. I like the fact that she is VERY knowledgeable. What she doesn’t know, she comes right out and tells you. Her demeanor is very professional.
In court, you can tell she is very confident. I feel confident I am in the best hands I can be in, in the situation at hand. I used to be a paralegal, so knew a little about her. When my husband and I were looking for an attorney to represent us and were looking on the internet. As soon as I saw her name, I felt she was the one I needed. My case is still ongoing, but I feel hopeful that the outcome with be in my favor with Joryn on my side.
Eileen Marcone

The Best Attorney! 
I met Joryn Jenkins in 2006. I was going through a highly stressful custody battle. My previous attorney was nowhere near as experienced as Joryn. It has now been over six years I have needed her legal representation due to a very litigious divorce. She was very competent and able to take over my case with a very professional approach. She always looked out for my best interests, as well as those of my child! She has always steered me in the best direction, offering me ideas about possible settlements that I could never have come up with by myself. Joryn was able to keep her eye on the forest when I was bogged down in the trees, and considered all of the facts and differing perspectives of my situation when counseling me regarding the best direction to pursue.

My ex-father-in-law was a retired brigadier general and litigated for a hobby. He is the reason my divorce had run a course of seven years. He wrote the briefs for my ex’s five different attorneys. He fired and hired the lawyers. He filed appeal after appeal, in both the district court, as well as the Florida Supreme Court.

During this unending and vexatious litigation, Joryn continued to represent me. She handled all of my appeals. She knew my case inside and out, as well as the law that could be argued. She always had case law and facts for the hearings and presented them accordingly. She was always prepared and succeeded in almost everything she did. She appeared at many lengthy hearings, beginning with a four-day divorce trial, in front of five different judges, maybe more, I’ve lost track. But she never gave up. She is tenacious and continues to persevere with me throughout this litigation, always being ethical and honest. Not only have I gotten to know Joryn as my attorney during this time, but as a person. She is always professional and her morals exceed many people in this world.
Beth Hollis

Best Lawyer in Tampa Bay
Joryn and her staff are always very helpful and considerate whenever we have needed them. We have required law services many times in the past 9 years for business and personal and have never been disappointed in this law firm.
Shari Olbon

An Excellent Attorney
Ms. Jenkins is both intelligent and compassionate. She truly understands what her clients are going through and she tries to assist them with creative and effective solutions to their legal issues. I highly recommend her.
G, a divorce client

Ethical, Informed, Connected
When you hire an attorney, you want someone you can trust. Trust is a shaky arena for most people. Joryn places you at ease from the first meeting. She will not tell you what you want to hear, she ALWAYS tells you what you need and that is priceless.
Ginger Rockey-Johnson

Joryn is a brilliant attorney that is a well informed and stays actively educated with a no-nonsense style that is refreshing and welcome. Add in the plain fact that Joryn has courtroom experience and is well known and rooted in the community, you have an unstoppable force that you are proud to say “Yes, Joryn Jenkins is MY attorney.”

Excellent Service
This process is mentally consuming but with the Collaborative Law and Joryn Jenkins and Lori Skipper the process is very easy. This two lawyers are wonderful and help you understand every part and support you like family. It was really a very good experience. I recommend them with my eyes closed.
Zuly Rosa

I am grateful to have Joryn as my advocate. 
Joryn Jenkins is highly qualified and her accomplishments are significant and admirable. She has worked to educate herself as much as possible, and she avidly shares her education with others. Joryn also diligently improves the legal community by leading the charge in professional development and expanding areas of law. Joryn is truly passionate about collaborative divorce, and she has literally written the book on the topic. Joryn takes the time to listen, she is careful and specific in her communication, and she is one of the most thorough individuals whom I have ever met. I have the utmost respect for Joryn, and I trust her immensely to practice law. I am grateful to have her as my advocate. I have the peace of mind that things are done right and that Joryn does absolutely everything that she can to help.
Samantha Abraham

Great Collaborative Family Law Attorney
Joryn is a dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate Collaborative Family Law Attorney. I have worked with her on a number of occasions and always trust her to do the right thing for her clients.

Joryn deeply cares about her clients and goes the extra mile whenever needed. She’s an advocate for the collaborative process and works hard at spreading the word of the collaborative movement. She is a pleasure to work with and a great attorney!

Very Trustworthy Attorney
Joryn is an outstanding attorney! She always focuses on the client’s best interest and the best interests of the whole family involved. Joryn is constantly aware of the emotional nature of divorce and how it impacts every client differently. She actively promotes collaborative divorce because she knows that it is likely to have the best outcome for parties. Her passion for collaborative law is impressive and unwavering.

Excellent Collaborative Divorce Attorney
Ms. Jenkins is a compassionate collaborative divorce attorney. She will go above and beyond to help restructure your family after divorce. Anyone even thinking of divorce should speak with Ms. Jenkins.
Garin Vick

Joryn Jenkins along with her associates and staff are a cut above the rest. I have received council from Joryn several times on several different matters and all of my needs where met above and beyond my expectations. Honest, Trustworthy and Compassionate are only a few words that describe my experience!
Dena Curtin

Honest, Knowledgeable and Passionate
I reached out to Joryn for her help; she was ready and had already done research before our meeting. She was prepared and had options planned out. She is very passionate and brilliant about her work.
Archana Mehta

Compassionate Attorney
Joryn represented me in a family law matter, and not only is she brilliant, but she is extremely compassionate, which is an important quality in a family law attorney. I felt comfortable opening up to her about my very personal matters.

I would recommend Joryn to my family and friends in a heartbeat
Joryn Jenkins is at the very pinnacle of family law and collaborative divorce. Divorce is a tough time for all involved. Joryn excels in making one of the hardest times of your life a little easier on you and, more importantly, your family. Regardless of how you feel about your husband/wife, why would you want to battle it out in court at the expense of your children? I would do anything in my power to make sure they don’t feel pain and I would think most people feel the same way. As she says, “families should not end up in court”. If you find yourself or someone you care about in a separation, do yourself and your children, a favor and contact Joryn . She can help make this unfortunate transition go a little smoother so you can move on with your life and spare your children any additional harm. You won’t be sorry you contacted Joryn Jenkins.

Amazing collaborative attorney gives honest answers
This lawyer will give you an amazing direct approach with truthful answers. You will not be disappointed with her or her team. I will continue to use her in the future. So thankful there are honest lawyers out there. She is delightful and easy to communicate with. If you are looking for a good lawyer Joryn is the key to success and happiness. Her collaboration approach to law is super smart. Her ethics far outweighs the rest.

A model of professionalism and knowledge
I am a forensic CPA that spends considerable time in family law matters. Joryn is one of my favorite attorneys because she not only represents her clients interests, but is acutely aware of the dynamics that she contributes to the divorce process. In other words, Joryn doesn’t make the case about herself – but cares about a healthy divorce where her client is not only satisfied with the near term solution, but the divorce was handled with the respect necessary for long term healing.

Joryn is a huge proponent of collaborative divorce and mediation – as well as contested divorce when other alternatives would not be effective. She will fight hard to make sure you are treated fairly and with respect – but will also be persuasive with the other party to ensure your perspective is heard and their perspective is communicated to you.
Jon Gorman

Joryn is a true professional and has over 30 years of experience. Her work in Collaborative Divorce and family law has been ground breaking. She is very attune to your needs, a great listener, and has a sharp legal mind. If you are considering divorce, you should definitely speak to her.

Joryn is an oyster to the world of attorneys! 
Attorney Jenkins is an expert in family law. Most important, she is passionate about collaborative divorce. Atty. Jenkins strives to assist clients in a peaceful and manageable divorce. It is refreshing to find an attorney who cares about your needs and understands the trauma one goes through. Atty. Jenkins cares about your privacy, your family and preparing you for your life without your spouse. I have worked with Atty. Jenkins and I have no hesitation in referring my friends and colleagues to her law firm.

Amazing Family Attorney
Joryn is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate attorneys in the State of Florida. Her ability to handle each and every client with the level of care, respect and sympathy in any type of situation they may be in is amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services!

Attorney Joryn Jenkins is the only attorney we would ever recommend. Joryn is modestly brilliant and kind. 
Several years ago our hearts were just broken. After years of caring for my sweet loving in-laws the three of them passed away within 18 months of one another, unfortunately, leaving us in a serious financial crisis. As extremely difficult as it was on us financially, there was NO way we were going to stand by and NOT assist my husband’s parents and his sweet brother with Autism. For this is what family is for. Afterwards, our family attorney highly recommended we speak with Attorney Joryn Jenkins. What a blessing this really was. Other than us getting married, the best decision we ever made was to hire Attorney Joryn Jenkins, to handle our affairs. She immediately “took the bull by the horns” in handling all of our finances. Joryn and her staff have just been wonderful. To this day with much sincerity, Joryn was always available to answer our questions. This was and still is such a comfort during our grief. In closing, Joryn Jenkins is the only attorney we would ever recommend. Joryn is modestly brilliant and kind. She’ll personally return both phone and email messages and her staff is the best. You will never play phone tag with this law firm. They will assist you with courtesy and respect.
Rosemary Pullen

AVVO – lawyer endorsements

I have known Joryn Jenkins professionally for 30 years as we both practice in the Tampa Bay legal community in the area of family law primarily. She is very knowledgeable, a great trial lawyer with a quick mind and she doesn’t get caught off guard. She’s one I never hesitate to recommend to a client she might help.
James Kramer

Joryn is a powerhouse of an attorney and is leading the charge in collaborative divorce, which is a revolutionary change from the standard, painful, and financially disastrous divorce process. She is remarkably intelligent and very helpful resource for anyone who is about to go through divorce.
Alan Borden

I endorse this lawyer.
Betty Jones

I endorse this lawyer. I have been a member of the editorial board of The Federal Lawyer for many years. Early in my tenure there, I had the pleasure of working on the magazine with Joryn, who was (at that time) its volunteer editor. As editor, she chaired our board, which consisted of very bright and dedicated lawyers from around the country. (I am in California.) From personal experience, I can attest that she is very bright, articulate, and hard working. She is a true “team player,” always willing to share praise with those she collaborates with. When I think of her, the two words that first come to mind are “can do,” I am sure that this attitude carries over into her practice, to the benefit of her clients.
Michael Tonsing


I’ve gotten to know Joryn and much about her practice over the last year or so. She knows I am not a proponent of divorce. God said He hates divorce NOT that it is forbidden though. In the world we live in there are circumstances that inevitably will leave little or no choice but to divorce. Because of this I would not hesitate to recommend Joryn Jenkins to my family, friends and associates if the need arose. Collaborative divorce offers a peaceful and supportive approach to resolve family conflict through the divorce process. She personally understands the devastation that a family suffers through the traditional method of divorce in a court , before a judge who doesn’t know them or anything about their lives. There is another solution. Joryn Jenkins and Collaborative Divorce.
Miriam Johnson

Awesome!!! Would use them again in a heartbeat!!!
Kay Kay Segel


Joryn Jenkins is a true professional leading the way in the collaborative divorce. When Joryn takes a case, she has both parties in mind throughout the peaceful process, and is truly looking to help her clients live happier lives. When you come to see Joryn, she not only listens to what you are saying, she cares just as much, as well.

I would recommend picking up a copy of Joryn’s new book, War or Peace: Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court. Winner of the Best Books 2014 Award, if you are thinking about a divorce. This book illustrates how to avoid the lasting effects of the destruction caused by the divorce court process. I am sure that if you read this book and still need her services, she will be the one you want to talk to.

Keep up the great work on making the lives of people you come in contact with happier every day, Joryn!!!!!!!
Gregory Bennett

Thankfully, I have not had a need for Joryn’s services as a family lawyer. That being said, everyone I know who is acquainted with her has nothing but the highest praise for her both professionally and personally. I have been to her offices and being there, reading the many diplomas, degrees, certifications, accolades and accomplishments, you can’t help but realize that Joryn is a person who inspires us to be what we could or should be. She is kind and generous both with her time and knowledge and it is a privilege to know her.
Ron Raynor

Joryn personally understands the negative impact that divorce can have on each member of the family. While it is my personal conviction that divorce be a last resort, I fully embrace the collaborative process and I highly recommend Joryn Jenkins to help families navigate through what often is a highly emotional and painful time.
Miriam Johnson

Hats off to Joryn, Joryn can save a bundle at your departures in life!
Matt Myers

Joryn is awesome! She is a lawyer who cares and becomes your friend. Joryn is always learning about everything – BNI, Law, writing books and cookbooks. Her resume is impressive, but Joryn is so much more. She exudes passion and is a mentor for students at UT as well as everyone she meets. Her dedication to law and BNI is outstanding!
Noel Suders

Give [Joryn] a call and talk about your situation with her. She is an amazingly talented and smart lawyer, and she is on the forefront of the collaborative divorce movement. It is a completely different way to deal with a divorce. Rather than a nasty and destructive court battle, it is peaceful and gentle. She likes to say that she can restructure a family, not destroy it.
Hunter Chamberlin

Thanks, Joryn. You are a masterful marketer.
Susan M. Helms

Give her a call, even if it is just to talk to her over the phone about your situation. She is unbelievably enthusiastic, and she would love to talk to you about it. Her number is 813-870-3839. You can also email her at If you would prefer she calls you, just let me know and I will give her your number.

Award support

I am writing in support of Joryn Jenkins’ nomination for the HCBA Professionalism Award. I came to know Ms. Jenkins in August 2010. I had just opened my family law practice, and she invited me to share office space with her. Though I was only expecting four walls, a desk, and a few chairs, through our arrangement, I gained much more: a mentor and a friend.

Whenever I was having trouble making ends meet, Ms. Jenkins would provide me with contract work. Whenever I needed a sounding board to flesh out unique or novel positions, Ms. Jenkins made herself and her keen legal mind available. And whenever Ms. Jenkins had a hearing on an especially complex or interesting motion, Ms. Jenkins would invite me to observe. It was in large part through Ms. Jenkins’ mentoring of me (which marked the beginning of a formal mentoring program) that the Family Law Inn of Court of Tampa achieved platinum status, the highest level of recognition for an American Inn of Court.

Ms. Jenkins also encouraged me to learn more about a new yet growing form of alternative dispute resolution known as collaborative family law practice. She convinced me to take training in this model and get involved with a local practice group and 501(c)(3) non-profit, Next Generation Divorce. Since then, Ms. Jenkins has been supremely supportive as I have become a leader in Tampa’s collaborative family law movement.

And Ms. Jenkins has continued to show us all what it means to give back to the community. First, she became chair of the Next Generation Divorce Pro Bono Committee, and then the HCBA Collaborative Law Section Pro Bono Committee. This provided her and I the opportunity to participate in Florida’s first pro bono interdisciplinary collaborative divorce. Now, Ms. Jenkins is chair of the Pro Bono Committee of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Florida, and she has been going around the state teaching others how to set up pro bono collaborative divorce clinics.

I no longer share space with Ms. Jenkins, but my respect for and gratitude towards her has only grown stronger. Others likely wrote about Ms. Jenkin’s legal accomplishments. Admirable as these accomplishments are, the nominating committee would not get a full picture if they did not also learn about her commitment to the betterment of young lawyers and the legal profession. It is because of this commitment that I highly recommend Ms. Jenkins for the HCBA Professionalism Award.
Adam Cordover, October 2014