Open for Business Institute


You studied for years. You passed the bar. You hung your shingle. In that moment, the excitement was enough. Then reality hit; you realized that, despite years of education, no one had taught you to market your practice. You have no idea how to bring in clients.


Perhaps you realized when you were young that you had a gift for assisting people in anguish. You, too, studied for years. Now you’re a counselor of a different kind. Yet you share the same problem. How do you market your talent? Especially now that you’re a collaborative facilitator or coach?


Or perhaps you’re the complete opposite of the emotional support person I just described; you have a facility with numbers, so you help folks wrestle with their finances, something that so few can do but that you do so well. And now you’ve discovered a new aptitude as a collaborative financial neutral. But you, too, have no clue how to market your skills in this new arena.


Help the clients you seek find you!
Earn the income you want doing what you enjoy!

The Open for Business Marketing Your Collaborative Practice Toolkit contains every tool that a professional needs to bring in the clients. The Toolkit is your complete guide, with step-by-step instructions on how to market your practice, become the face of collaborative divorce in your community, and grow your business, whether you are the facilitator, the coach, the financial neutral, or the attorney.

Follow the steps in this A-to-Z marketing program and Open Palm is so sure that you will earn back the money you invested in it that we offer you a Money Back Guarantee. That’s how much we care about Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced®.

Open Palm’s team of marketing experts lays out the steps each month for you and your staff to follow to make you the go-to collaborative divorce professional in your community.

Here are just a few of the tools included that allow Open Palm to offer its Money Back Guarantee.