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Having spent the first 34 years of her career as a highly successful trial attorney, viagra Joryn Jenkins successfully assisted her first collaborative divorce client in 2002, over 12 years ago. She recently founded Open Palm: Win-Win Divorce by Joryn Jenkins, a law firm committed to offering collaborative divorce

Joryn has published extensively, including her book, Florida Civil Practice Motions (Lexis Law Publishing). In 2001, she received one of two awards then given annually in the United States Supreme Court, the American Inns of Court Christensen Award for her work promoting ethics, professionalism, and civility in the practice of law. She is also proud, however, of the award she received in 1967 as “The Youngest & Prettiest Shareholder of the Year for asking the Best & Hardest Question.”

Joryn leads the charge in offering collaborative services on a pro bono basis, having organized and chaired Next Generation Divorce’s pro bono program from its inception. She put together the collaborative team that achieved Florida’s first pro bono collaborative divorce, thereby bringing media attention to the concept of collaborative practice generally. This has become an ongoing focus of her practice, not just because of the need in the lower-income community, but also because it enables her to offer experience in the collaborative model to newly-trained professionals, as well as to send newly converted lay people out into the community to talk about the collaborative divorce experience.

Clearly, Joryn has transferred her passion for doing the right thing to the world of divorce, as she spends a significant portion of her time these days to promoting collaborative practice. She tells us that she has two books coming out in the next six months: Divorce Court War Stories and Getting Divorced Peacefully.


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