Divorce With Mediation



Do you want a divorce without the fighting? Do you want to start your new life without being told what to do? If you are looking for a better solution to the stress of divorce, mediation could be the answer for which you are looking. It could be in the best interest of you and your children.

Divorce mediation is an option that allows you and your spouse to work out and resolve disagreements or conflicts that you might be experiencing in the divorce process. It is different from litigation because it allows you and your spouse to make the important decisions by which you will live, rather than a third party, the judge, whom neither of you knows. Who do you want to be in control of your life?

With the use of a mediator, you and your spouse are able to resolve your conflicts in a more civilized manner. The mediator takes a neutral stance, and does not give advice or show bias for one party or the other. The mediator helps you both understand what you are trying to resolve and keeps your attention focused on solving the issues at hand.

In mediation, the couple, either together or separately, either with counsel or without, sits with the mediator to work out their agreement. If the relationship has become oppositional, then the mediator will often work with both spouses at the same time, albeit shuttling back and forth between them in their separate rooms.

Joryn is a Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediator, and she can help you resolve your differences with each other, without the expense and stress of trial. Or you may retain her to represent you as your attorney at mediation.