Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced® (Marketing Your Collaborative Practice)


Do you dream of the day when prospects and professionals seek you out for your collaborative expertise? Clients approaching you because they already know they “want a collaborative divorce”? Counsel asking you to represent someone, collaboratively? Are you making those dreams your reality? Do you communicate your passion with clarity? Have you honed your pitch? Are you credible in your community? Do you publish regularly? Do you have a book? Do you share your message with crowds, instead of just one person at a time? Is your brand conspicuous in your community? How visible is your profile? Are you invited to partner with, not just teams and practice groups, but also first responders and connectors who can refer you clients and help you spread the word?


Learn to grow your collaborative practice from someone who has done it. Learn the five fortes of effectively marketing your practice from someone who knows. Joryn Jenkins has published extensively. Written for clients, War or Peace illustrates how personal choices impact how marriages end: with dignity and self-respect, or with hatred and virtual bloodshed. In it, Joryn recounts true stories, both the wars she fought in court, and the collaborative accords she negotiated in conference. I Never Saw My Father Again elaborates on how to make the collaborative process more effective. After her next two books, A Free Divorce Handbook and Open for Business, Joryn finally wrote Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced®, her 380-page textbook focused on marketing collaborative practice. When she teaches her advanced full-day training, that textbook is the course materials. In Joryn’s training, you will learn every marketing tool imaginable to transform you into a “Collaborative Champion,” someone who is “changing the way the world gets divorced®.”™