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War or Peace
(Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court)

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This book is a must-read for anyone contemplating divorce. War or Peace demonstrates how to avoid the lasting effects of the destruction caused by the divorce court process. Joryn reveals the alternatives, recounting actual events as she witnessed them unfold, both the divorce wars
fought in the courtroom, as well as the peaceful divorces negotiated at the conference table.
War or Peace, Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court, is an introduction to and discusses the basic concepts behind the collaborative divorce protocol.

I Never Saw My Father Again
(The Divorce Court Effect)

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Beginning with the story of her own parents’ divorce, in I Never Saw My Father Again, Joryn Jenkins, a 35-year divorce attorney, illustrates with true stories how personal choices impact how people end their marriages: with dignity and self-respect, or with hatred and virtual bloodshed. Like War or Peace, Joryn’s first book about the long lasting effects of the traditional courtroom divorce, I Never Saw My Father Again is a must-read for anyone contemplating divorce.

Open for Business
Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced®

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Joryn will teach you the five fortes to effectively focusing and implementing your marketing efforts.

Pitch effectively.
Publish successfully.
Present regularly.
Develop your Profile.
Then delight in being invited to Partner with other collaborative professionals.

Open for Business
(Managing Your Collaborative Practice
for Passion & Profit)

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As a collaborative divorce professional, you want to ensure that your clients experience the best divorce possible. This book will help you to equip your staffers to talk-the-talk and to walk-the-walk, ensuring that your team’s culture, your office policies and procedures, and your space’s infrastructure all project the same enthusiasm for collaborative practice as you yourself do.


A Free Divorce Handbook
(How to Organize a Collaborative Divorce Pro Bono Project)

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In A Free Divorce Handbook, Joryn Jenkins shares the stories of her clients, the processes and procedures necessary to ensure success, and the forms and sample documents created by the project’s collaborative teams so that you don’t have to. Finally, a book that explains, not just the many reasons why such a project makes sense, but also how to establish such a collaborative services organization, one step at a time.

Open for Business TOOLKIT
Marketing Your Collaborative Practice

Become a Collaborative Champion

Learn the Five Fortes to Effectively Focus Your Collaborative Marketing Efforts. Apply your passion for the good that you do by focusing your marketing efforts on growing your collaborative practice:

1) Collaborative Champions pitch compellingly and with clarity every time;

2) Collaborative Champions publish provocative content regularly;

3) Collaborative Champions present passionately at public events, and connect with crowds;

4) Collaborative Champions’ brands are conspicuous, their ideas and their causes “above the noise”; and

5) Collaborative Champtions partner with every potential referral source.

The Open for Business Toolkit will hone your efforts to effectively market your collaborative practice.

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